Reading is a HOOT!

by Melanie

My latest project has been a library tote bag for my little bro Shaun. He LOVES to read and has been making lots of trips to the library this summer (I miss being a college student!). He told me he didn’t have a tote bag and I felt sorry for the poor guy since I know all the cool kids have tote bags these days. I decided he must have one and I must make it for him.
This is what I came up with:

The tote bag is a very simple design/construction. I used the same pattern as my grocery bag totes, just scaled it down a little and used some webbing I had left over from another project for the handles. The letters were all painted on using fabric paint and freezer paper stencils. The owl is an iron-on transfer I printed from home. This was my first experience with both freezer paper stencils and iron-on transfers. Both are really simple to do, but I would suggest doing a small test sample on a scrap before diving into your actual project so you have a feel for what works best for you. My letters got a little messier than I would have liked in some places. I did find out the hard way that if you iron the freezer paper on top of your iron-on transfer it will stick and make an ugly mess, so make sure the freezer paper doesn’t get on the transfer!!! The hardest part about this project was deciding what kind of design I would do and what the bag should say. That was also the most fun part. woot.woot.

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