Tour de Boring

So all the big bike blogs are going nuts these days about the Tour de France. And everyone knows I’m totally nuts about bicycles & bicycle blogs. Therefore I must be totally nuts about the Tour de France, right?
Wrong. More like Tour de Boring. I can only name one person in the race, and I will not mention “He who must not be named” here. I’m just not into bike racing, except for the somewhat illegal alleycat races… The only thing that ever catches my interest about the Tour de Boring is the occasional sweet pic of a bike wreck. Also, theres something unattractive about races that spread out over days and have stages – where everyone gets to stop, rest and start again the next day.
Now.. if the race didn’t have any stages or teams, and all the riders had to carry all their own food & gear on their bikes, choosing for themselves when (if?) they want to stop and rest – maybe we could even allow the riders to try and push each other off their bikes if they got close enough… THAT would be one hell of a race.

3 comments to Tour de Boring

  • bCouldn't agree more. And I also hate the fact that even though the entire team is clearly working together, that one guy (don't worry, I won't name him) gets to win.

  • I would love to join that race! Like, the Amazing Race: by Bike!!!

  • You are so right with the wrecks. It would be better if it built on distance and not time. Ex. one person does 100 miles maybe the next guy does 150 miles that would have me turned in more. Instead of being 55.343 seconds behind the leader it would be like this person is a day behind, you get the point. Alley cat races are fun I did one when I first moved to uptown. But it also had bars as check points "for the drinkers". Last summer we set up and played Pac-Man on bikes with ghost and snack bars as the power deals. It was so much fun "kind of like some sort of alley cat I guess"