Painting the Front Porch

Home Improvement Time!

So we decided to paint the front porch. Or repaint, I should say. Generally, I think painting concrete porches is a really bad idea, but the damage had already been done. Previous owners had already painted it. And once it’s painted, there’s no going back. You just gotta keep painting and painting and painting and painting and painting….

Here’s some before shots:
Notice the big plants on the left side of the stairs.
We had to dig down 3-4 inches on either side of the stairs so that we could paint below ground level without sticking our brushes in the dirt.
ok, now here’s the after shots – sorry it’s getting dark outside:
Notice the significant trimming on the bush to the left of the stairs
The combination of this project and the last project, and we’re starting to build some serious curb appeal!

4 comments to Painting the Front Porch

  • The finished product looks like a wedding cake covered in fondent. Now all you need to do is decorate it :).

  • Katie! That's EXACTLY what we were going for here. Mel and I agreed that our home didn't look quite edible enough, so we wanted to make the house look a little bit more tasty. We went for the wedding theme because we also agreed that the front of our house wasn't quite celebratory enough of divine unions!
    SO glad you noticed!

  • During my mission in Québec, I saw many porches/steps painted like this. The problem is that they can be slippery (when wet) if you don't use the right sort of paint. Not to be outsmarted by physics (or paint), some Québecois would mix sand in with the top coat on the stepping areas, you know, for a grippy, tractiony mess that often looked terrible. Brilliant!

  • ooh – hadn't considered the idea that it would be slippery when wet.. that's good to know. We used paint specifically made for floors, but I didn't see anything specific about it that would make it less slippery. We'll have to be careful.