New Look. Same Awful Blog.

Hope you like the new 3-column look. I got the code from It took me forever to figure out that the photo at the top needed to be 950 pixels wide – and then it took me even longer to figure out how to make a photo 950 pixels wide. I’m pretty awful at this interwebbing stuff.

I tried a different set of instructions for getting a 3-column look, but the first set did something goofy like just splitting the first column into two different columns instead of actually creating a new column… or something..
The fun part is that by the time I finished, I could almost follow the html code. In fact, I was able to follow it enough to realize that this set of new code I put in isn’t referencing the same global color parameters – it just hard codes them in. This is something I might change if I’m ever bored out of my mind (like you are right now reading about my html code….)
Anyway, hope you like it.
Is there anything else you’d like to see at Singlespeed? Any new functions the blog should have?

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