Mel and I were making Nachos for lunch today, so we were rooting through the fridge for things like Salsa & Sour Cream when I noticed THIS:

eek! looks like it used to be milk. I’ve encountered some rotten milk in my days, but I can’t recall ever seeing it separate like this before. Surprisingly, it didn’t smell at all.

Now.. that tub of 3 month old Ricotta cheese that had turned some shade of orange & was outgrowing its tub… that smelled too bad to even take a photo…sorry. I know you really wanted to see what was growing in my fridge…. You’ll just have to use your imaginations..

2 comments to Milk

  • Our skim milk turns an awesome shade of neon green if left out too long… It is truly amazing. I really thought Jason had put some bright green dish soap in the first time I saw it. Gross. But fridge photos are always exciting. Thanks for posting!

  • This really grosses me out!