(Photo by Ben Millett)

Here are some photos of me proudly wearing my new Jagger (it’s a sweater)! If you’re thinking to yourself, “This is probably the raddest sweater I’ve ever seen,” then you are correct. It is no ordinary sweater, however. It was a handmade gift from my friend Ben. You read that correctly —> HANDMADE. GIFT. Tailored perfectly to fit me.

If you’re thinking, “That looks incredibly labor intensive and detailed – and the end result has no visible flaws,” then you are correct again. It is a knitting masterpiece.

You can read more about the project specifics here or here (requires ravelry account) and check out some of Ben’s other knitting projects here or here. When he’s not knitting badass sweaters, Ben also enjoys video editing and tweeting, among other things.

(Photo by Ben Millett)
Is this not the most impressive sweater you’ve ever seen?

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