Pronunciation: \blôg-splō-zhən\

Function: noun

Etymology: Latin explosion-, explosio act of driving off by clapping, from exploder; web+log = blog
Date: 2009
Definition: a phenominon that occurs when a blog lays dormant for several days, weeks, or months, followed by several entries posted in rapid succession. It is common among amature bloggers, especially those with personal, family, or mommy blogs on Blogger. Often, the blog owner responsible for the blogsposion apologizes for doing so, and will commonly back-date several of the posts to give the appearance of more regular posting habits. Common blogsplosion topics include baby pictures, vacation recaps, pictures of food the blogger has been eating, or pictures of porches the blogger has been painting. Blogsplosions, while frowned upon for professional bloggers, is an acceptable practice for amatures and should not cause the blogger to feel shame.

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