From the Archives: Reuben, Rachel, and a Bike Chain Necklace

During the summer of 2000, my mom decided that we needed some family photos. I was about to leave on my LDS mission, so she thought it would be good timing. I’ve always liked this photo of my sister and me.

If you look closely, you can see that I’m wearing a bike chain around my neck. I wore that necklace for several years, roughly 1997 – 2003, partly because I couldn’t take it off without using a chain tool. There was no clasp – no way to remove the thing without driving out one of the pins holding it together. So I wore it everywhere… for everything. Showering, sleeping… even as an LDS missionary (it hid nicely underneath the standard issue collared shirt + tie).
Oddly enough, this is roughly the same time period where the idea of riding a bicycle never crossed my mind. Although I was an avid cyclist during my childhood, I had given up cycling in 1997 when I got my drivers license. Despite my absolute hatred of driving, I didn’t discover cycling again until 2005 when I moved to MPLS.

2 thoughts on “From the Archives: Reuben, Rachel, and a Bike Chain Necklace”

  1. I'm so glad your chain made the blog. When I describe you to my friends, I have always (and continued to) describe you as "the boy I love who wears a bike chain around his neck– it wouldn't come off without an ice pick." When you got home from the mish, I hadn't seen you yet, but on one of the first days of school, there was a picture of the back of your head. I knew it was you because I saw your necklace. I still have that picture in my scriptures marking Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. I don't know why, but it has always given me comfort.

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