2009 Collins Family Cyclefest: Recap

A few weeks ago, we hosted the First Annual Collins Family Cyclefest. I learned a lot during the inaugural event – most notably that I take horrible photos – so don’t expect many photos. We had a small, but enthusiastic group, including a 9-year-old young lady. Here’s the crowd before heading out on our 54-mile adventure:
Everything went smoothly, other than a couple flat tires. Luckily, the smartest Cyclefest participant remembered to bring along a patch kit, and was also smart enough to rip a hole in his tire right next to K-Mart so he could easily purchase a new tire.

Well, that’s all the photos I’ve got.

What? No photos of Leo’s? Or Stillwater? Or the giant hills?
er.. no.. next year we will have to designate someone ELSE to be the official photographer.

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