From the Archives: Setting Things on Fire

A significant portion of my freshman year at BYU was spent setting things on fire – usually at the mouth of Rock Canyon. We would burn pretty much anything we could get our hands on… partly because we liked burning things, partly because we were too cheap to pay to do anything else. The hardest part was arguing over who was gonna fork over the $1.50 for a gallon of gas (we were a bunch of cheapskates, obviously). I’m not sure who took these photos, but I’ll bet it was Scott, since he’s conspicuously missing from the group shot. Photos are probably in early 2000. I dunno where we got the armchair. I think Scott donated the old laptop. The keyboard was probably mine after someone dumped soda on it leaving the keys all sticky. These were just some simple snapshots, but the deep blackness in the background gives the photos a pretty spooky feel.

(From L to R: Shaun, Alex, Fraggle, Nils, Steve, Me)

(From L to R: Me, Steve, Shaun)

9 thoughts on “From the Archives: Setting Things on Fire”

  1. What is it about fire that is so entertaining… I understand where you are coming from. I once set a feild of hay on fire on accident… I was just playing with some matches, the fire department came to put it out while I was cowardly hiding in the woods hoping that no one would discover I was the culprit. I feel like this is a blog confessional. Sorry city of Blaine and to whoever that hay belonged to!!!

  2. Tacy, feel free to confess whatever you want here. With only 3 readers, this is a pretty safe place. …so did you get caught hiding in the woods?

  3. I felt so honored the time I was invited to come along to the burning party. I remember it was late in the year– one of the last days we hung out. I was in your truck, but I think maybe Fraggle was sitting in the middle. One of you jammed your thumb while we went to get the gas, and let forth a string of expletives I hadn't heard since high school. I was shocked, and a little bit in love. I remember having to pee in the brush somewhere, and I think maybe you were good enough to go with me. I was wearing my Strawberry Shortcake shirt. We got home late, and I wanted to marry you because you were so weird. When I woke up the next day, I felt more like myself. Don't ask me why I remember that so well, but I do. I also remember you emailing me that picture of you and Steve and someone else, but I remember thinking, "Who is Steve? I've never seen him before." I still have the old iMac, mostly because it's pretty, so I think I could pull up those same pics from my hard drive. Thank you for letting me in on one of your little pyro adventures.

  4. Sarah, Tara, Alex: I suggest you start burning things immediately.

    Rachel, not just anyone received invites to burning parties. Consider yourself lucky.

  5. just so you know, not a lot has changed about BYU freshman housing in 8 years….i spent my freshman year '07-'08 burning things with a group of boys–we even found a GIANT old microwave at D.I. and got creative with light bulbs, batteries, marshmallows, etc…

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