Must See: Quicksilver (1986)

So you’ve all totally got to watch Quicksilver – the 1986 smash hit featuring Kevin Bacon, Jami Gertz, Laurence Fishburne, & even Louie Anderson. It was seriously the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Cool bike tricks, an awesome bike dancing scene, bike chases, and awesome fake bike wrecks are only a few of the treasures you’ll find in this movie. Seriously – bump this to the top of your Netflix queue NOW. Here’s a few tidbits:

Awesome bike dancing scene:

Awesome bike tricks:

The (boring) Trailer:

5 thoughts on “Must See: Quicksilver (1986)”

  1. ummm… now that everyone has seen the best parts of this movie, I'm not sure they need to watch the rest of it. Unless they are interested in a few 80s music montages.

  2. Kevin Bacon leaves me a little cold most of the time. There are exceptions, of course– "Footloose" and "Apollo 13." But Tremors? Ugh. And pretty much everything else. I find him rather repulsive.

  3. dude! i totally ran into this show while surfing the TV today…i watched about 7 minutes of it and saw Louie Anderson…but i changed it when i say Kevin Bacon. he's a goon. now i wish i would have watched a bit more…maybe next time.

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