Things that Bug #19

Things that Bug:

#19. Couples & Family Email Addresses & Usernames

Individuals should have their own email addresses, including addresses and usernames used for blogging and social networking purposes. I may know all members of a family, but you’ve all got different personalities, so let’s differentiate, huh? Yea, I can probably tell who is writing even if the username is “The Fun Family,” but still, let’s differentiate. Posts on blogs and comments are written by individuals, not families. When I write an email, I like to know who is going to read it. If I want the whole family to read it, I’ll just send it to everyone. No big deal, right?

In the rare occasion that an entire family is crowded around a computer monitor composing a comment to a blog post, then perhaps the username “The Fun Family” is appropriate. Otherwise, I’d like to know who is really authoring stuff. All major blogs support multiple authors, so it’s really no big deal to let each member of the family have their own username.

So to everyone who has got a family email address, don’t fret. No hard feelings. You’ve probably got your own personal email address, too, right? The one you had before you were married, remember? So just transfer ownership of that blog to your personal address and add your spouse as an author! Cakewalk!
Confession: Yes, my wife and I at one time used an email address with both of our names to receive RSVP’s for our wedding. It was a mistake and we’re sorry, ok? We thought it would be cute. It wasn’t. It just (rightfully) confused people who continued to send mail there long after we stopped checking it.

12 comments to Things that Bug #19

  • Tara

    Your so progressive…women should have their own accounts? What's next, should they drive too? 🙂

  • Whoa, tara, don't be giving them any ideas.

  • I would just like you to know that I will probably never change it to say just my name. I sure hate to be the 19th thing that bugs you, but problem is…it doesn't bug me enough to do anything about it. Although I just may change it to say "the fun family" because that is super super cute.

  • The Frandsens! Golly. who wrote that? Was it Mr. Frandsen or Mrs. Frandsen? I'm not sure so I don't know how to respond.

  • TheFunnyLurkerDudes

    I hear ya! Down with group email/user names, down I say!

  • What if someone is the official Family Blogger? When they post a blog they are really speaking for the entire family- then does it really matter who specifically posted it?

  • Melanie! Yes it matters! The fact that you don't know that is exactly why you're not the Official Family Blogger.

  • Brianne

    awwww – really? but i had briscotty all picked out and everything!

  • Brianne, if you had been considering "MeAndMyTiger" I might have thought about it for a while. But Briscotty? Resist. that sounds like an appetizer.

  • I had to post a comment because the word verification was "tater". I know that has nothing to do with family e-mail addresses and blogs. Although after much thought and consideration… I concur.

  • TOTALLY AGREE. it bugs big time. especially since my Bishop and his wife have the same email… hmmmmm…
    ps your blog is anything but boring.

  • marlamuppets: that adds a whole new dimension to discussing sensitive deets about your sins via email. Those digital temple recommend interviews aren't quite as confidential anymore.