Pray for Bob

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM, Bob The Appraiser is coming over to our home to tell us what our home is worth. You see, we’re trying to take advantage of these low interest rates and all to refinance our mortgage. And turns out, Bob’s opinion is critical. If Bob thinks our home is worth anything near what we think it’s worth, everything should go according to plan. If not, we’re just out of luck (and $500).

I’m optimistic, but times are tough in the Powderhorn neighborhood. I’ve been scouring the listings of houses recently sold and currently for sale in the neighborhood, and it’s quite possible that according to the market, our home is worth about half what we paid for it in 2006 and significantly less than what we still owe on it. If that’s the case, we’re just out of luck and won’t be able to refinance.

So I’m heading home from work a little early to do some last minute repairs – the small stuff that might up the curb appeal a little bit. I’m wishing I’d finished that hallway project I started a couple months ago…

So wish us luck! And if you’re into it, say a prayer that Bob will be in a good mood tomorrow, and that he will be impressed by our bathroom remodel, our patio, our shelves, our other shelves, our workbench, our kitchen countertops (sorry, no photos…), and a few of the other things we’ve been working on around the place.  Here’s to hoping the system is corrupt and that Bob will appraise the value wherever the lender tells him to so that the process runs smoothly!

Got any advice on how I can impress Bob The Appraiser?

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