Nice Bank, Bro!

Mel and I just went to the movie theater and saw Year Zero. The best part of our evening was when we handed over our check card to the guy behind the counter to buy popcorn, he said this:

“OOOOH, Wells Fargo! Good choice! TCF sucks!”
Mel and I had a hard time not laughing in his face… did he just say that???? Did he just compliment us on our bank? HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Who does that? Reminded me of my other strange encounter with a popcorn peddler.
btw, the movie is average.

1 comment to Nice Bank, Bro!

  • I went with Wells Fargo a few years ago because I knew if I moved to another state they would probably be there and I wouldn't have to switch.
    Apparently in Florida, they have Wachovia instead… and they are somehow connected but I can't make deposits there.

    Anyway… good to know about the movie, we thought about seeing it tonight but might wait for the rental.