Mormon for Tuition

My regular readers will recall that I like to archive all the PostSecret entries that specifically reference Mormonism in some way. Here is another entry from todays installment:

Previous Mormon-themed PostSecrets can be found here. If you have or know of any Mormon themed PostSecrets that aren’t in my collection, I’d appreciate you letting me know in the comments.

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  • FaithfulLDS

    I think that it is worst that YOU lie to them. They are entitled to spend THEIR money how they want and have the right to put restrictions on that money. That is the beauty of having your own money, is that you get to make your own rules about how and who you spend it on. You have no right to control or manipulate that, and the fact that you have justified lying and manipulating your own grandparents, well that says more about you!!! You can only control you!!! It would be important to me to just live with my own personal integrity, and if they didn’t respect my life choices that differed from theirs… then I would accept that. But I wouldn’t let others choices be justification for a complete lack of character on my part.