For Bob, with Love

With Bob The Appraiser coming over tomorrow morning, Mel & I decided to complete a project we’ve been talking about for three years.  Nothing like a home appraisal to get you off the couch.  Here’s the before shot of the kickplate beneath our front door.  It’s completely rotten.  Also notice the horizontal wood trim with peeling paint, etc.

Ok, now here’s halfway through the project – all the rotten wood removed, new wood in place.  Also notice the horizontal trim on the right side of the porch has been painted.
Ok.  Here’s the finished project – painted up in Sunday Best.  Notice the horizontal trim on the left is painted now, too.  I think it looks pretty dang good.  I’m proud of us.
Here’s a couple more shots from a different angle.

Bob had better be impressed, that’s all I’m saying.

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