Another purse project

by Melanie

When my sister was visiting a while ago we stopped into Crafty Planet
and both fell in love with a bunch of the awesome fabric they have there. Unfortunately all the really cute stuff is on the expensive side, so we each decided to get a half yard of something cute and then make fat quarter purses for each other. The apple fabric is what I chose.  I saw a picture of a similar purse online, but didn’t feel like shelling out the $14 to actually buy the pattern so I just sort of made it up as I went along. I think it turned out ok, right? At least good enough to be fun for the summer. Now my sister and I have matching purses and I am anxiously waiting for her to send me her creation.   

7 comments to Another purse project

  • Lani

    I'm so impressed you did that without a pattern, very cute!

  • You never cease to amaze me Mel! Love it!

  • Looks sooo good, mel. great work!

  • The Cowles Family

    Very nice!! You are so crafty. Sometimes I wish I could sew, but I don't have time now that I have 2 kids. They keep me busy!!! Very nice though. Post Shannons so we can see hers too.

  • Thanks everyone. It was a fun project to try to figure out. I think I might try another one now that I've worked out some of the kinks, but also- the weather is getting nicer and I'm less interested in working on indoor projects. We'll see.
    Don't feel bad Jennifer- I barely find time and I have no kids, so I can imagine how impossible it would be with 2 little ones!

  • Green is my favorite color… so, naturally, I love the purse. My favorite is the inside pocket. Nice work!

  • Very cute… and I love that Crafty Planet store. I stopped in there the other day and found the cutest material I have ever seen, and then I remembered that I don't have a sewing maching and don't know how to sew so I didn't buy it. Someday though… I think you have inspired me.