What to do???

Well i’m just not sure what to do… It’s 1:00 AM Friday morning and I’m sitting in my cube at work. I was given a large project Monday morning and was told it had to be completed the following Monday by 5:00. I mean HAD to be completed. DUE. SUBMITTED by 5:00 PM sharp in complete, final form or else don’t bother… So I’ve been working overtime all week trying to get it done by the end of the week, but it’s not gonna happen.

So it looks like I’ll have to work over the weekend.
But wait! I’ve already committed myself to go camping with the Scouts Friday night. and Mel and I and some friends had plans to go camping again Saturday night! eek! I can’t do all three. If I go on both campouts I will for sure not have the project done Monday by 5:00 and then work peeps will be very angry.
So which campout do I drop? I feel like I’m more obligated to show up to the scout campout, but I also feel completely unnecessary there as well. There will probably be 4-5 boys and probably as many adults, so the scout campout will hardly suffer without my presence. But it also seems pretty selfish to work through the scout campout so I can go camping with my wife instead. Of course, I happen to like my wife a lot more than I like the scouts and would rather spend time with her than scouts anyday.
What would you do? Does it make a difference if you knew that “camping with the scouts” is actually “sleeping in tents in a backyard in a very affluent part of the cities?”

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  1. Being an Eagle Scout (and going fairly rustic tent camping with the wife this weekend), I would have to say that if you're serious about that being in a backyard then I'd skip the Scouting. Could you also explain why Scouts are camping in a backyard. I assume there's a very good reason for it because no Scoutmaster would permit that otherwise, right?

    Either way, enjoy the one night off of work and I really do hope you get your project done.

  2. Time with your wife is more important than time with the scouts. Seems like the other scout leaders would be understanding of that, especially if your presence is not really needed there.

  3. Bill, have I ever mentioned that I'm an eagle scout, too? That's another thing we have in common..

    "Could you also explain why Scouts are camping in a backyard."

    Sure. It has a lot to do with the awkward marriage between the Mormon church (of which I and all the scouts are a part of) and the BSA. Our scout patrol consists of only 6 11-year-old boys (because of Mormon policies requiring each congregation to sponsor separate troops and rules not allowing 11-year-old boy scouts to participate in activities with scouts ages 12+) so we don't really have the "critical mass" of scouts necessary for a fully-functioning program.

    In addition, every boy who happens to be Mormon is under incredible, though well-intentioned, pressure to be involved in scouting, even if they think scouting is stupid. The result is some scouts who participate because their parents tell them to, not because they like scouting – some leaders who participate because their bishop asked them to, not because they like scouting. It's a perfect storm of good intentions that sometimes results in a combination of scouts, parents, and scoutmasters that aren't really all that enthused about scouting or camping…

    I've vetoed several backyard camping trips in the past, but the truth is that my co-scoutmaster puts more time and effort into the troop than I do & he doesn't share my dislike of backyard camping… nor do several of the boys for that matter (who have been begging for months for a backyard camping trip).

    I am beginning to suspect that I am not cut out for the Scoutmaster biz.

  4. Quite the conundrum my friend. Personally I can say that I would not put work over your personal life, because I have been doing that for years and it really hasn't gotten me very far. Your employer pays for 40 hours/week of your time (60 if they are really nice and you have a project due), you are not a work zombie employed to do your bosses bidding at all hours of the day. I would recommend you continue to work hard, tell your supervisor that you need an extension and take care of your project early next week (wrap it up Tuesday or Wednesday). If they can't work with you to figure out how to get the job done, well. Then it looks like you have a crappy weekend ahead. Otherwise, go camping this weekend and enjoy yourself. You need to make sure you have the right balance of life and work, right now you need some life. Work to live instead of live to work.

  5. I'd definitely say drop the scouting backyard trip. If it is in a backyard and there will be 4-5 other adult leaders there… I'd have a hard time going on a dull weekend.

    Anyway, I think your duties allow you to occasionally miss scouting events for work and/or family.

  6. Reuben,

    Being that you don't seem to have children yet you are into Scouting told me that you had to have been an Eagle Scout in the past in order to be as involved as you are now. While I'd love to be involved in Scouting, I'd feel really uncomfortable hanging around w/o a child of my own. I hope to raise a strong young boy who was just as excited about Scouting as I was.

    That said, thanks for the explanation on the backyard camping–makes more sense now even though I still do not agree with it at all. My most memorable experience camping (and one of the first real trips I went on) was soon after I joined a new troop and attended a 12 mile backpacking weekend trip. My father grudgingly came along with me and carried most of the gear (I had just received hernia surgery and could not carry more than 25 lbs) for us. He was not a camper (although he did go on to complete Woodbadge years later). While it was miserable for my father, it was the most wonderful experience of my life and backpacking became an obsession which I wish I could continue now (the wife is not a fan but will happily go car-camping).

    While you may not be cut out for Scouting, perhaps it's just the current environment within which you have to operate. I don't know what to tell you but I wish you the best in it. You seem like you do care and you could do a lot of good for those boys.

  7. I am in agreeance with Brian's comment… tough decision, but I'd also ask for an extension if possible. If you do have to give up one of the camping trips, that'll be difficult, but I know that whatever you choose, people will understand your obvious reasons behind it.

  8. considering everything, I'd say go camping with Mel. The needle was that scout-camping is in a backyard. That's just lame.

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