From the Archives:Reuben Drumming

This photo was probably taken sometime in 1997. My high school pop band The Jarbers played a concert called the “Phat Ass Show” out in the sticks to stay away from the police. All our equipment was powered by generators & the stage was the back of a flatbed truck.

Here’s a fun fact about how nerdy I was: if you look at the bottom drum heads on my toms, you can see some lines drawn with a sharpie. One of them looks like a basketball. That’s actually the results of a high school science fair project. Turns out, when a thin membrane vibrates, some portions (lines) along the drum head do not move, with the rest of the membrane vibrating up or down. The sharpie lines represent the node lines of my drum heads when vibrated at various frequencies. Learn more about it here.

6 thoughts on “From the Archives:Reuben Drumming”

  1. simplysarah – go for it.
    Gastro – I think this might actually be a scan of the very photo that is on your wall, in fact.
    Sassy Sarah – I was thinking more like "spent time analyzing instead of playing drums = nerd"

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