1708-1710 34th St E

A couple months ago or so a fire heavily damaged a duplex near my home at 1708-1710 34th St E. I swung by with a camera tonight to document the completely gutted structure.  They’re making a lot of changes to the structure, most notably that they’re reducing the pitch of the roof to make it a full-height 2 stories instead of the 1.5 stories it used to be – probably a good idea.  

I’m not enough of a craftsman to know if they’re doing a good job or not, but some things strike me as pretty odd about this job so far.  For example, the bottom of the old staircases end extremely near the brick exhaust stack, which has got to make getting furniture of any significant size up the stairs pretty difficult – not to mention just giving the stairs a very cramped look.  With the house completely gutted, this seems like a perfect opportunity to move the stairs a little bit, but so far it doesn’t look like that’s part of the plan.  I hope that they plan to at least replace the stairs that are still there as these are visibly a little wonky.

It will be interesting to watch this come together.  On one hand, I’m glad the structure is being rehabbed and that the housing stock is being preserved.  On the other hand, the Hennepin County property records indicates that it’s probably just an investment property for an absentee landlord, which is not something I’m terribly excited about.  I’d much rather see the building owned by someone who cares enough about the neighborhood to live here, but who knows…  I’m excited to watch this project progress!

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  • Hm… interesting. Yeah, it will be neat to watch it come together. Interesting how fire can be so destructive, yet in the end, it provided a way for this family to improve their house- something they may not have done otherwise.