Viral Video Confirmation

In response to my last post, David Nielsen, the Managing Director of the Audiovisual Department of the LDS church passed along this screenshot to confirm that the Easter video had reached the #1 spot at
Thanks for the info, David.  Faithful readers will know that I am often skeptical of some of the things that come out of the LDS newsroom, but I’ve never accused the church of blatant falsification, and didn’t mean to imply in my last post that I questioned the Newsroom’s facts.  Ok, David, now how about explaining the unusual capitalization of “Internet?”

7 comments to Viral Video Confirmation

  • Internet is capitalized because it is a proper noun appearing in formal writing, according to our dear friend wikipedia. It's generally lowercase outside of the US or in informal writing within the US. Maybe, too, he just wanted to be really cool, but then he would have called it "the Internets" or "teh Interwebs." Or "the series of tubes."

  • Ben, you're only supposed to comment if you agree with me. Don't you know how The Internet works?

  • Seriously, though, I don't think I've ever seen it capitalized before…

  • Haha… As the resident English teacher, I concur with Ben. Sorry Reuben.

  • You may be correct, but I suggest you join me in the lowercase revolution. Although it appears that many official sources capitalize it, the vast majority of unofficial sources don't, and I'm convinced that the lowercase convention will prevail. I am confident that 10 years from now everyone will be using lowercase. You'll see. Mark my words. From this point forward, the official convention of this blog is to use lowercase for the word internet.

  • i like the comments almost as much as i like the post. good fun.

  • Nope. I can't abide by it. Start with "Internet" and the next thing you know, you wont be capitalizing anything in your blog. And then I will be forced to stop reading… Or At The Very Least Capitalize Every Word In My Comments, Which Takes Way Too Much Time!