I read this post over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic about how to tell if spring has arrived.  And I liked it.  Pretty much, Spring has arrived when you spot your first set of bare legs of the cycling season.  Here are the rules:

1. The bare legs must be spotted in daylight. Nighttime doesn’t count since so many women go out on the weekends with legs bared in the winter, even if it’s sub-zero.
2. The bare legs must be bare. No stockings.
3. The bare legs have to appeal to your own sense of aesthetics. You can reject a pair if you don’t fancy them.

I especially like rule #3.  Spring has not yet started for me (most likely only because I’ve been cooped up inside with this derned bathroom project that has been consuming my life lately), but I’ve got my eyes open.  And as soon as I can wipe the drywall dust out of them, hopefully spring will begin.
How do you know when spring has arrived?

5 comments to Spring!

  • I loved this post and the post at Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Thanks for sharing.

    As for my recognition of spring, I just wrote a blog about running outside… the senses involved with the trees and plants blooming, the birds chirping, and me wearing SHORTS shows me that spring has arrived.

    Just this morning Evan and I went on a hiking trail that we hadn't hiked for 5 days. In only 5 days' time, it now MUCH greener. Amazing how fast spring springs upon us.

  • Tara

    I know that spring has arrived when I can go running outside w/out any head protection & a lighter long sleeved shirt. Also, when I walk outside & don't hunch over & want to curse because it is so frigid. So for today, I feel like spring has arrived….

  • 1. I don't have to wear socks all the time.
    2. We can sleep with the balcony door/window in our bedroom open

  • curtis

    According to the Onion, the first sign of spring is when the UPS man breaks out the shorts. Same idea, I guess.