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Want to know what blogs I’m reading?  Want to know what I think is interesting?  Of course you do.  Who wouldn’t????  You can subscribe to my “shared items” feed in your RSS reader.  My shared items are already available on this blog in the little green box to the bottom right, and at this web page, but I’m guessing not too many people are using this.  If you want this info via RSS, just put this url into your RSS feeder and you’ll be updated with all the posts I think are noteworthy enough to share.

(Don’t know what an RSS feeder is?  You def need to find out because it makes reading blogs soooooo much easier.  Go here. HINT: using an RSS feeder will store every blog you read in one location – making checking your favorite blogs as easy as checking your email. You can use a web-based application (like Google Reader) or a standalone app.  Don’t waste time visiting blogs that haven’t been updated – let the blogs notify you when they’ve been updated.  I recommend Google Reader for beginners – especially if you already use gmail.)

2 comments to Shared Items RSS

  • I agree… I showed a friend with Gmail her access to Google Reader tonight and told her it would change her life. Since she's been following friends with her blog, it had already added those URLs to her Google Reader feeds. Awesome. Using a feed reader changed my life!

    P.S. How does one find out who subscribes to his/her blog? I recall you posing that question a while back and receiving an answer that was a little over my head. I'd still really like to know who subscribes to my blog, though, if you have an answer to find out how. Thanks in advance!

  • Sarah, I have no idea how to find out who subscribes to your blog… If you search for your own blog in google reader, it will tell you how many people have subscribed, but that's only people subscribing with Google Reader, and it def doesn't tell you any names. Another reader suggested that there were some analytic tools you could use that might figure it out.. I've been using Google Analytics – it tells you a lot of cool stuff, but not who's subscribing… if you figure it out, let me know.