The past several nights, I keep having bad dreams.  What about?  Vampires? Devils? Zombies?  No.  6×6 white semi-gloss tiles.

In these awful dreams, I just see a wall with tons of gaps waiting to be filled with strangely shaped tiles.  I have to keep cutting, measuring, pasting, and placing tiles.  And no matter how many tiles I put on the wall, there are still more gaps to be filled.
Tonight’s Nightmare Prediction: Neverending Grout Lines.

4 comments to Nightmares

  • I've also been having nightmares, mostly about time traveling back to the 1940's in Nazi Germany, having secret police raid my house in search of my parents. Scary!

  • You know how when learning (or already knowing) a non-native language, it is possible to dream in that language? Well, I know that it is also possible to dream in a programming language.
    And not surprisingly, it's worst than you might think it would be.

  • Tara

    I had nightmares of evaluations…seriously I would be so hard on myself in my dreams to get things down just right. Crazy?! Maybe once your done yoru tiling skills will feel like beautiful dreams, then when you wake up to take a shower or someting it will be like you've never woken up….

  • Those are some nightmares all right, everybody. I think Sarah wins, though. hers is scariest.