apostle <> apostate

Apparantly, 18,500 copies of the BYU newspaper The Daily Universe destroyed recently when a front page photo caption referred to the “Quorum of the Twelve Apostles” as the “Quorum of the Twelve Apostates.”  I happen to think it’s a pretty funny blunder, but this article makes it clear that the BYU Communications Department does not find it funny at all.

The thing I remember most about the Daily Universe (aside from the Police Beat) is that it was always filled with spelling and grammatical errors.  Was this error egregious enough to warrant pulling and re-printing 18,500 copies of the newspaper or should they have just printed a retraction and explanation the next day?  Let me know what you think in the comments.
I’m going to vote that yes, pulling & reprinting is probably the best idea – especially if you’re Chair of the Communications Department and you want to keep your job.  At any other University, I’d say “Let it slide…”  But such things don’t slide at BYU…

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  • Kat

    I'm going to say definitely yes, pulling it was the right thing, although it is a funny mistake.

  • Shari D. Kurtz

    Well, why wouldn't you pull it to avoid the embarrassment of incompetence, right? This is a matter of not looking like idiots.

    …in my opinion 🙂

  • sdk, but what about the cost? I don't know how much printing newspapers costs, but this must surely have been an expensive strategy. Also, I don't want to call the Daily Universe staff "idiots," but it's a student-run campus newspaper.. expectations are already pretty low, aren't they? Also, one must wonder if their correction strategy created more excitement than the mistake itself…

    Welcome to the blog, by the way.

  • I also agree that it was definitely the BEST choice to pull and rerun it, although I do find the mistake slightly humorous.

  • Shari D. Kurtz

    Then all the better for it. Publicity is the target along with getting a point across. If they set their standard at "were only students so give us a break" then by all means, run the mistake and apologize later. I didn't call them idiots, I said that they should correct their mistake to avoid "looking like idiots".

    And thank you for the welcome 🙂

  • kelzone

    hi, i stalk your blog…i am so glad you posted this…i go to byu right now so it really made me laugh- they should have run it for 2 reasons:
    1 it would have saved money
    2 campus could really use some excitement right now (finals are next week aka the time of year students take themselves too seriously, everyone darts from class to class, spending all free time in the library, no one smiling…) i think it could have helped everyone lighten up a bit.

  • I agree with the decision. Even though the embarrassment is unavoidable. The good news is, I think most church members (hmmm, am I overgeneralizing here? perhaps) are pretty good at laughing at themselves…and down the road, I think the embarrassment will die off…while the humor will remain. I bet the 12 Apostles are getting a kick out of it, don't you think?

  • Kelzone, thanks for stalking. You make a reasonable argument.

    SimplySarah, I would LOVE to know what the Apostles think of the whole thing…

  • oh my gosh. that is so hilarious! sad but hilarious.

  • Speaking as a former reporter and editor of said publication, that IS a costly mistake (and, I concur, a funny one), but the decision to pull the paper is not one bit surprising. I think on this one, I'd have done the same thing. But these people used to get mad when I'd throw in all the AP pieces about Michael Jackson rather than the boring on-campus happenings. They wouldn't let me run the story about the aerobic strip tease class at a local gym. This is not at all shocking. I will say this, however. If the copy editor or layout person working on the caption even put that in as a joke and the powers that be find out, heads are gonna roll.

  • "If the copy editor or layout person working on the caption even put that in as a joke and the powers that be find out, heads are gonna roll."

    Huzzah! I love a good controversy! If that's the case, though, it really sucks to be the guy who was trying to be funny. I'll bet he's not laughing anymore…

    Oh, and too bad about the aerobic strip tease piece. You were robbed. Send me the piece and I'll publish it for you now – right here on this blog. JUSTICE!