Bathroom Remodel VI

So we’ve finally finished the bathroom remodel project (except a few odds and ends…) so I thought I’d post some before and after photos.  First, the before pics.  When we first moved in, this is what it looked like:  a gaudy, gold set of lights above the vanity (the medicine cabinet door smashed into the light bulbs any time you opened it).  Notice how the electric conduit is outside the walls… and remember the full-size wall around the shower that left the vanity in a little cubby-hole? and the full-size window in the shower???

During a mostly unrelated electrical project in the house, I moved all the electric lines inside the walls (where they’re supposed to be).  I also painted everything a very deep green color on a whim, which I still like, though Mel assures me it was a poor decision.  I replaced the light over the vanity with the Home Depot $8.99 special, which is nothing fancy, but at least the medicine cabine door didn’t swing into it anymore.

Now some after pics:

We added a new, larger vanity (30″ vs. 19″).  Notice the little half-wall, which makes the whole room look & feel larger.
Our new L-shaped shower curtain rod & a new window half the size of the old one:

And our wee-little tub (perfect for our wee-little bathroom):
New floor tile:
Of course, big thanks to Blayne for all the time and effort.  We couldn’t have done it without him.  It’s not often when someone is willing to take 10 full days out of their schedule to work on your house for free – and then want to take you out for dinner when they’re done.

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  1. Great work! Where did you get your L-shaped shower rod. I need one to fill the gap until we can afford a glass wall & door. Thanks!

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