Good News, Bad News

Good News: I am beginning to suspect that my self-diagnosed broken foot is actually just a tendon/ligament thing that I plan to ignore.

Bad News: Regardless of the cause, my foot still hurts.  Also, today is day 4 of my new training schedule & diet.  I plan to run zero miles today, and plan to go out to dinner for greasy pizza followed by attending a Pie of the Month Club meeting.  
…and all this while I prepare for my 2 week break from my training/diet while I’m in Europe in 4 days!  ooh i’m gonna do so well in my marathon!

6 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News”

  1. Reuben, you are going to have to pull yourself together if you think you're going to run that race! Seriously Reuben, cut the crap! I'm tired of you always giving only half effort! This is just like that time that you gave up on carving your pine wood derby car. Man, I'm so mad right now I could just-

  2. We will be spending a week in Copenhagen (with day trips to the countryside or nearby villages if desired) and one week in the Netherlands. We'll start the second week in Amsterdam, where we're renting some bikes. We have a 120 mile route through Holland that we've tentatively mapped out, but we are staying flexible enough to modify our route and daily endpoints as we go.

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