Bathroom Remodel V

So it’s about time I posted some more photos of the bathroom renovation project!  We’re on the home stretch now.  Here’s a photo of the finished floor – we just applied the grout sealant this evening:
Here’s a photo of the new vanity and some of the wall tiles – newly grouted as of yesterday.
And a couple photos of our wee little tub & shower tiles

And here’s a photo of the finished ceiling and a couple of the recessed lights.  We’re a little bit angry about the two lights above the vanity (the two without any lights in them right now..).  The guy at Home Depot helped us pick out our lights and the canisters – AND THEY ARE INCOMPATIBLE.  THANKS A LOT HOME DEPOT GUY. So we had to order those lights online (because now that we have the canisters already installed, we are limited only to lights compatible with the canisters – which are all online order only…) SIGH.
We’re so happy with how it’s turning out!  BIG THANKS to FIL who pretty much did the entire job for us.  Couldn’t have done it without his time, effort, knowledge, or tools.  We owe him BIG TIME.  SIL is coming to visit on Sunday, and Pie Party is looking like it’s going to be Monday, so we’re hoping to have the vast majority of it done by then.

Tasks remaining:
seal wall grout
install toilet
hang medicine cabinet
hang towel rack
install shower curtain rod (disaster potential: high)
find a shower curtain long enough (since our curtain rod will have to be mounted very high – above the window)
caulk everything

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