Bathroom Remodel III

So we’re moving right along with the bathroom remodel project. Hopefully within two weeks we’ll be finished and we can spend the rest of the summer trying to clean the dust off everything else in the house. Here’s an older photo from a few days ago – we’ve got the insulation in the walls and the plastic up.
Here’s some photos from today:  We’ve got all the walls up & two layers of mud on the drywall.  Sorry the photos are all a little too close-up to get a good look at the whole project, but the room is so small… you can’t hardly take a photo of anything in there.
Here’s a shot of the ceiling, we’ve chosen some recessed lighting that we’re pretty excited about.
Here’s where the vanity will be once we finally get it in place.
Here’s  a good shot of the new window, our half-wall, and our wee-little tub.
This afternoon we’ll sand the drywall, put more mud on, maybe sand again tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow we can put the primer on the walls, and Tuesday put the first coat of paint on the walls & ceiling.  Second coat of paint Wednesday.  We hope to have the tile work done by the end of next weekend – then it’s just finish work like putting up trim, hanging a couple shelves & towel racks.

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