Bathroom Remodel II

0k, blogger friends, here’s an update on our life-consuming bathroom renovation project.  This first photo shows the new window in place.  Also notice all the new framing in the wall!
Next up, just a photo of of the floor joists….
Last photo is of the toilet – perched on an island of tile still left in the corner of the room.  No sense taking the toilet out before you really need to, right?
Ok, these photos are a day old – the toilet is now gone (replacement: 5 gallon bucket – don’t ask…)  We’re trying to get the floor in place, now.  The goal for tomorrow is to have the floor in place and the drywall on the ceiling.

Mel and I were talking today about how much more difficult this project is because our house is so old.  We’re spending so much time dealing with all the complexities of old houses – the sort of stuff you don’t really encounter while remodeling a newer home.  For example, our demolition was way more difficult because of the old lathe & plaster walls – we also had 3 old layers of flooring to remove -our floor joists are really uneven because of 100 years of settling – we’re always cutting out old, abandoned pipes – nothing is square since the entire house has been settling for 100 years… etc..
But we think we’ve finally reached a major milestone.  From now on, we’ll be putting more stuff back into the bathroom than we’re removing!  That’s a good sign.
Anyway, we’re so excited for it to be finished.  It will probably take us a few more weeks to finish!

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