World government is coming

Apparently, now I’m spamming myself?  TWICE.  Did anyone else send themselves spam emails this morning?  At least I’m not trying to sell myself anything (body of email is blank).  Just a friendly reminder to myself that world government is coming… nothing unusual about that!

5 comments to World government is coming

  • Haha… so funny! Yeah, that actually did happen to me once this week as well. Interesting that we both had issues with Google Reader and both received a SPAM message from ourselves in the same week. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Tyler Harris

    I actually got that exact same message today, at 7:38 am. I figured it was just my other schizo self or something. Mmm, I guess I shouldn't have watched fight club the other day…

  • Anonymous

    In Gmail there is an option to see last account activity. Go to the bottom and read the fine print area where it says "Last Account Activity." From there, you can sign out all other sessions.

    Make sure your computer is up to date with all windows updates.

    Do a virus scan.

  • Now, if that email was from the future that would be really interesting!

  • I apparently am trying to phish financial information from myself (and others?) via SPAM! Maybe asking myself politely would work better.

    Gmail has some great security and filtering, but, alas, little can be done to stop spoofing once somebody adds you to some chain email with cute cats on it: "I can has world government?"