Saved me some Money

So with the upcoming bathroom renovation project, I thought it would be a good time to replace the old cast-iron soil pipes with fancy new PVC – since I’ve already got half the line exposed anyway. So I set some appointments to have a couple contractors come over and give me some estimates.

Ray shows up, and I show him the job, tracing the pipes through the walls and through the ceiling – the house is so small, it’s only about 20 feet of pipe, 10 of which is already exposed.

Then he says, “So why do you want to do this?”

“Ummm… I figured I’ve got half the pipes exposed already… and these old cast iron pipes are just a problem waiting to happen… I just figured this was part of ‘doing the job right,’ and now’s the best time to get it done with the bathroom torn apart and all..” I said.

“Well, I’ll do the job if you want… but I think it will be a waste of your money. There’s nothing wrong with these pipes. I recommend you leave them and spend your money on something else.”

Sweet. Guess I saved me some money. Hope my pipes don’t break….

6 comments to Saved me some Money

  • I love honest plumbers, mechanics, what have you, that will tell you what you really need and what you don't. You'll have to give him your business if you ever need work done.

    Unless he was wrong and your pipes explode . . .

  • Tara

    That's awesome that he was so honest with you. If you are worried, maybe get a 2nd opinion. But if not, spend the $$ in Europe! Yeah! P.S. I got offered a job in Spokane….

  • Emily, me too. I'm keeping his info handy. You've got to take a guy seriously when he's trying to convince you NOT to hire him… unless it was some sort of mean plumber rivalry – where he knew he wouldn't be the lowest bidder so he would rather no-one do the job if it he can't do it. Hmm.. probably not, though.

    Tara, job in Spokane? Sounds perfect for you. When do you start?

  • Tara

    I'm not sure if I'm going to take it yet.

  • Agreed (with Tara and Emily)… it's nice to get advice from honest people who aren't interested in just making a buck. However, if something does happen to your pipes, you should sue! (I'm kidding, of course. It just sounded cool to say it.)

  • Actually, I don't know about cast iron, but my honest plumber prefers metal to PVC every time. Copper was really expensive when I built my house, but I used it anyway. My bro went with the PVC, so we'll see how that works out. I doubt he'll have trouble here because it just doesn't get that cold. But hooray for plumber Ray.