Google Reader Bug

Google Reader has a couple of serious bugs.  Most notably it can’t seem to keep track of which items are read and which aren’t.  Frequently, GR will give me conflicting info.  In this photo, for example, GR simultaneously tells me I have “1 new item” and also that there are “no unread items.”  So which is it Google Reader? (ANSWER: no unread items).  Even clicking “Mark all as read” won’t persuade GR from telling me I still have unread items…

Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone figured out how to fix it?  Anyone sent any hate mail to Google over it?

2 comments to Google Reader Bug

  • Interesting you should post about this, because I was just thinking the same thing! It's been happening to me a few times the past couple of days. No hate mail sent yet, but I'm considering it. 🙂

  • It drives me absolutely crazy. I end up just closing the tab and going back in most of the time as that seems to "fix" it.