Boring Table

When I’m navigating around the network at work, I come a cross a lot of files called “Boring Table.xls” and they always crack me up.  Because they are really boring.  They’re talking about soil boring, as in “a cylindrical sample of earth strata obtained by boring a vertical hole”, not the Sacrament Meeting type of boring, but still… it cracks me up.

6 comments to Boring Table

  • Josh Helmuth

    Worst blog ever?? How awesome that would truly be!

  • Haha… That makes me laugh "boring." Ah, the homonyms get ya every time.

  • GenghisKhan

    I try to not let the homonyms get me–not that there's anything wrong with that, of course… ;o)

  • Sacrament Meeting isn't boring? Especially in a family ward, there is always someone doing something weird to look at. I love the little kids that try to escape and then the parents try to reverently recapture them. I also love sibling fights, people who snore and finding awesome scriptures like the one in the old testament that talks about "treasure in our sacs."


  • Josh, Believe it, buddy. It's truly an honor.

    Rowdy, unfortunately, I think I'm one of the ones snoring – not one of the ones getting enjoyment out of other people's snoring.

  • so people are there laughing at you. that seems about right