Bathroom Progress

I’ve been so busy lately getting ready for the bathroom reconstruction… hardly any time to BLOG. jeez. where are my priorities? But we’ve got the bathroom about 60% demolished. Turns out there was at least 2 inches of stuff on each wall (lathe, plaster, drywall, more drywall…) so rip that off each wall and replace with .5 inch drywall, and viola! The room is 3 inches bigger! Readers unacquainted with my bathroom will say “so what??”. Readers acquainted with my bathroom will say, “GREAT! even 3 will be good for that tiny bathroom…” But the FIL is expected to arrive in the cities Friday or Saturday, and we’d really like to have everything demolished so that we can use his time for reconstruction, not deconstruction.

We also removed a few layers of flooring (tile, tile backer board, linoleum, plywood, more linoleum, more plywood. Now we’re down to the original subfloor and the original wood flooring. We aren’t sure if the wood flooring is coming up or not.. if we leave it, we’ve got some troublesome gaps around the edges to fill… Anyway, this next week will not be fun at all.. but having a new bathroom will be GREAT!

2 comments to Bathroom Progress

  • Hey, that sounds like a lot of work, but you're right: When all is said and done it will be great to have a newly remodeled bathroom! By the way, do you guys have just the one bathroom in the house? I can't remember.

  • Yea. just the one bathroom. We'll be storing our waste in mason jars 'til the project is over.