Bathroom Remodel I

Ok, so after the last post, it occurred to me that nobody wants to read about the renovation – you just wanna see pictures.  SO here they are.  All the walls and ceiling are gone except for the shower surround and behind the toilet (‘cuz were still using them…)  On the right side of this photo, you can see a mystery pipe (gas? water?), and an old, unused electric line that had just been encased in the wall.  Also on the right is an old, capped plumbing vent we’ll have to cut out (if we want to gain the extra 3″ of floor space I promised in the last post…)
Here’s the “pipe to nowhere”… another old vent line that will need to be cut out…

Problem #1… the location where all the old plumbing vents are supposed to connect to the main stack is completely rusted through and no longer connected.  Not sure how we’re gonna fix this, but it might involve replacing part of the main plumbing stack…..
This is my favorite photo.  with no ceiling, you can see straight up into the attic space.  I so wish we could vault the ceiling.  The entire room feels so much bigger with the attic space open.  But it’s not in the cards.. not this time around anyway.  Maybe the next house…  Note the evidence of fire damage on the older roof boards and the extensive squirrel damage at the bottom of the photo…

One thought on “Bathroom Remodel I”

  1. You were right. LOVING THE PICTURES! Very nice work you do. And I agree, vaulted ceilings make a world of difference. We have nine-ish foot ceilings in our apartment and the bathroom feels HUGE. Every inch counts. Keep up the good work!

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