My wife is on the couch right now reading Twilight.  The book arrived in the mail a day or two ago and she’s already nearly finished.  As I type, I look over at her laying on the couch – AND SHE’S GRINNING.  Ear to ear she’s grinning – obviously having a good time with that book.

Sigh… how will I ever compete with Edward???
I’ll tell you how: I’m going to go sprinkle glitter all over myself, that’s how….

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  • Jo

    You may also need to encourage your hair to defy gravity. And start stalking your wife.

  • OH….keep us posted on how that works out for you!

  • My wife read the first one months ago and enjoyed it immensely so for Christmas I bought her the other three books. We opened presents at like 7 AM on 12/25 and by 5 PM 12/26 she was done with the series. Hard for me to say I spent time with my wife over the holidays 😉

  • Haha… so funny you would mention this, because the girls I'm staying with all just saw "Twilight" for the first (and second) time this week. They were so hooked that they saw it two days in a row and now started reading the book. Apparently, they say the book is like crack.

  • Well, Mel's finished the first book already (it only took her about 2 evenings)… and she's halfway through the second. I ruined her fun a little bit by giving her a SPOILER from the third book I overheard some peeps talking about. She wasn't happy.