The Roaming Bike Rack

The office building where I work has a bike rack.  It’s an awful bike rack.  A “wheelbender.”  And it’s not attached to the ground.  It just sits there.  So people move it.  The bike rack usually sits near a set of stairs.  At the top of the stairs, there’s a portion of the pavement that’s “cross-hatched” with white paint – signaling to drivers that they are not allowed to park there because people are walking there.  The bike rack usually sits in the parking spot next to the cross-hatched area…. unless somebody want’s to park there.  Then they just pick up the bike rack (bikes and all) and move it into the cross-hatched area at the top of the stairs.

It makes me furious.  I don’t appreciate someone moving the bike rack just because they want the parking spot – especially if my bike is attached to the rack at the time!  So I complained to management – or one of the admin peeps here who assured me she would bring it up with building management.  I’ll keep you updated.
Anyone else think this is inconsiderate behavior?

2 comments to The Roaming Bike Rack

  • Yes, I definitely think this is inconsiderate behavior.

    On a side not, I love that you used the appropriate verb here: "set" instead of "sit." Well-done!

  • Sarah: My use of the word "set" wasn't deliberate. When you mentioned it, I had to google it to figure out the difference. After googling, I actually decided that I had used "set" incorrectly! EEK! So I've modified the original post accordingly, which I now think is correct (according to what I read on and the GrammarGirl Blog). I dunno, though, so let me know if you feel differently.