Sit-ups: I Can’t Do Any

So I learned last night that I can’t do any sit-ups.  NONE.  Not properly anyway.  Sure, I can lay on the floor and then move to a sitting position.  But I can’t do a single one using the proper form where you just curl yourself upward using your abs.  Not a single crunch, either.  Why?  I dunno.  I think my muscles are just so incredibly underdeveloped that I can’t do it.  When I try, I end up doing some sort of strange back-arching thing so that the small of my back leads the way up, dragging my shoulders along with it.

And I’m so bad at them that I feel like it’s almost pointless to try.  It’s like if you say, “I’m going to go running,” but you can’t actually take more than two steps at a time, so you’re never really running.  Or if you’re on The Amazing Race Season 13 and you say, “I’m going to march like a soldier,” but you’re so bad at it that nothing you do is even close to marching.  So now I just feel all lazy…
So what are you incredibly bad at?

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  • Donette

    Push ups! Terrible at those. And pull ups.
    I bet there's a few exercises that you can do to begin to strengthen some of your core muscles and eventually do sit ups. You could check the web or maybe you know a physical therapist. They always know very simple exercises that help prepare your other muscles. Good luck!

  • Pullups. I was a Division I athlete in college and yet I couldn't do more than 10 pullups w/o looking like a 10 year old girl with one arm. I was a great athlete but for whatever reason those just never worked for me. In the end, it didn't matter. I've never had to worry that I wasn't going to get a raise because I couldn't do a pullup 🙂

  • I'm good at being lazy and getting side-tracked, which means that I'm sometimes bad at being productive and time management. 🙂

    I find it interesting that you cannnot do a correct sit up! You are a runner and by nature, your abs are probably much more toned than the average American. Interesting.

  • Tara

    In addition to the ones that have already been mentioned, because I can't do those either, I can't touch my toes. Running all these years has made me really stiff & I don't even really try anymore like I should.

    P.S. from what I've learned you shouldn't do a true, blue sit-up because it puts excessive stresses on your lower back & you may tend to use your hip flexors instead of your abs, but a curl-up usually isolates the abs nicely while limiting LB stresses. Maybe others know differently though?

  • nert

    It'a madness, I for the life of me cannot do sit ups either – and I have well defined abs. I do aerobic, weights, resistance…yet the humble sit up eludes me. Even the "beginners" pilates "roll up". I can do crunches / bicycle crunches until the cows come home, but sit ups? Nope. Anyone?

  • Drew

    It's sad for me to say that the only reason I found this was because I was trying to find the solution to my own difficulty in doing "curl ups", the Navy version of the sit up.

    But, I do have a few ideas that may help you, even though your post was from over a year ago.

    If you can't do any sit-ups (I can do pathetically few), try the plank pose. It's just sitting in the "up" position of the push-up, but you have to make sure you're holding it nice and rigid and not sagging in the middle.

    Second, try "flutter kicks", which work the abs and, as I've been told, the hip flexors, which help with full sit ups. Look up how to do those properly.

    Third, normal crunches when you can do it – which is just squeezing your abdominals to lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

    If you DID manage to remedy your issue, please let me know how! 🙂

  • @Drew – thanks for the tip. I'll give those exercises a shot!

  • Anonymous

    I too, can't do any sit-ups. I'm much older but have been going to Ferrel's for about seven months and the instructor says I should be able to. I try but no luck. So it's good to no others are in the same situation as I am.

  • @Anonymous – there should be a support group for this sort of thing, don't you think?

  • MandaMommy

    Same here, and ditto Drew for how I found your blog. EVERYONE around me can do at least 1 curl-up (no matter how in shape or fat or thin or whatever), except ME. So far in my searching it seems to have something to do with tight hip flexors, but I'm still searching…