Singles Wards

This guy at BYU is totally delusional.  Obviously, one of the major objectives of singles wards is to facilitate marriage.

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  • Jo

    It's true. Why else would they have separate wards for married students and single students? (There are plenty of apartment complexes that have both marrieds and singles.)

  • Amen, Reuben & Jo! This guy is delusional. That may not be the entire reason for a single's ward, but marriage is a huge factor in the reasoning behind having singles-only wards.

  • I agree that one of the primary purposes of single's ward is to get married. It seemed funny to me that while I was attending a single's ward and living at home I was attending an FHE group with my ward and not with my family. What would be the point of that if single's wards didn't have a purpose beyond what regular wards have. However, I think what the writer of this article is trying to get at is how Bishops etc. approach singles wards. Should they talk about marriage a lot and activly try to promote dating etc? I don't think so, as most members of singles wards find this annoying. I think that Bishops should focus on the princles of the gospel and give the members opportunities to get to know each other and not talk about marriage and dating all the time.

  • Katie, I think you're giving him an awfully kind read, and I agree with what you've said about singles wards. But this guy is still a total tool. There's at least 3 wonky quotes in his editorial that left me scratching my head…

  • You sound like my mission president's wife. Whenever we gave someone the benifit of the doubt too much she would say, "That is an awefully compassionate way of looking at things." I loved her :).
    I think you are right, this guy took things a bit too far.

  • Ha. Funny. My mission president's wife used to show us pictures of penises and then ask us if we had any "male health" problems – not kidding.