Mouse Catching FAIL

They sure are sticky…  now if only the mice were as stupid as I am…

5 comments to Mouse Catching FAIL

  • I can see myself following into the same trap.

  • Paul

    We hire Flipper out at very reasonable rates.

  • We should seriously think about borrowing Flipper- we've tried a lot of different things to get rid of the mice and haven't had much luck. I was really hesitant about the sticky traps, partly because I was afraid of catching more Reuben than mice, but mostly because I think it is a slow and painful way for the mice to die, but if they refuse to take the bait in the standard snap traps- what choice do we have? Has anyone out there tried poison? Do the mice take it and run off and die behind the walls somewhere?

  • Donette

    I really like the blue wall behind you in the picture.

  • Thanks, Donette. Mel picked it out.