Mouse Catching FAIL II

Ha Ha.  Mel laughed at me when I caught myself in a mouse sticky trap.  NOW who’s laughing???

I’m pretty sure it’s me.  Maybe some of you, too.  Yes?

5 comments to Mouse Catching FAIL II

  • Aww, she looks so defeated.

  • Emily, she was very sad because she had to throw away that sock… that sticky stuff just doesn't come off…

    …actually, we didn't really try to get it off, but it looked hard enough to get off that we didn't want to try.

  • Tara

    You should paint them florescent orange or something similiar. Have any mouses been caught yet?

  • Here's the tally so far:
    Humans: 2
    Blankets: 1
    Mice: 0

  • curtis

    Okay, here is my cheap, very effective, nonlethal mousetrap:

    Find a mason jar or any other quart-sized jar. Put a spoonful of peanut butter in the bottom. Then add enough honey to coat the bottom of the jar. The mouse will jump in to get the peanut butter and will get stuck in the honey. I swear, it works.

    The only downside: You have to wash the mouse. You have to wash it because when you find it huddled miserably in the bottom of the jar with honey matted in its fur and dripping from its whiskers you’ll feel so sorry for it that you can’t help yourself.