From the Archives: Letters from Mustard Plug

Back in the day, a few of us were big fans of the band Mustard Plug – especially my friend Dan. He really wanted them to play a concert in Elko. We gave him a hard time about it – bands never came to Elko. He made a bet with Andy that if he could convince Mustard Plug to come to Elko, Andy had to eat grass. So he wrote Mustard Plug a letter, and got this in return:

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Letters from Mustard Plug”

  1. how cool that the band wrote him back. before guster got really big, i ordered a shirt. it came in an organic macaroni box with one lone piece of macaroni and it totally made my day.

  2. Cool post. Mustard Plug was my favorite local band when I was in college in Grand Rapids, MI. I think I have a mustard colored LP of theirs around here somewhere…
    I never wrote them a letter, but I would occasionally bump into the lead singer at the big independent record store where he worked.

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