Tiled Countertops


How does everyone feel about tiled countertops?  In bathrooms?  Anyone have any experience?  Does the grout get all gunked up really quickly?

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  • I'm trying to remember if I have or not. I have a faint recollection that I have. I don't think that I would ever install tile bathroom countertops in any of my own residences, mostly because of the grout. Seems like too much can go wrong too quickly with spilled toothpaste, etc. Also, it would be harder to clean up hair, etc., if it's getting caught in the grout as you try to wipe it up.

  • I will NEVER have tile and grout countertops anywhere in my house. I grew up with tile and grout in both the entire kitchen and one of the bathrooms. It was the biggest pain to scour (it was the LEAST liked chore) and over the years it took hundreds of scrubs and every cleaner known to man to remove the yellowed residue and get the grout white again. Not worth it.

  • Sarah: what if the grout wasn't white? What if the grout was tan, brown, or black? would that make a difference?

  • My brothers' bathroom growing up had a tiled countertop and shower. The grout was dark brown, so it didn't look grimy, but I remember trying to clean the countertop and thinking it was harder to clean than a smooth countertop. I think that's because you couldn't just swipe it clean in one motion, you kind of had to take it a tile or a few tiles at a time. Tile is probably okay if you steer clear of white grout.

  • Rory

    I've had tile counters with brown grout. There is just no really good way to clean them so they always look and feel dirty. From personal experience I would not recommend it.