Thought Experiment

Here’s a question inspired by Sarah’s comment on a previous post: Which would God have us do? Should we seek after texts that conform to our conception of God, or should we seek to alter our conception of God to conform with texts? If the former, why bother with texts? If the latter, how do we know which texts?

I guess I would argue a little of both.  We have an original vision of God, then we read some texts, which informs how we view God, which informs which texts we are attracted to, which then further inform how we view God, etc.

2 comments to Thought Experiment

  • I agree with your ascertain of the question. I think it's hard to fully comprehend all facets of God and his personality and we just need to do our best to stay close to Him and read those things which are uplifting and "feel" in-line with what we believe.

  • I think that we have an innate capacity to recognize God's presence and activities. We turn to texts because in them we recognize God's fingerprint. The texts can give us parts of the story that we've missed, or parts of the story as they've been experienced by others, which gives us a more complete picture than from our own experience on our own. But the texts can't tell us everything we need to know about God by themselves. At best, they point us back to the Source himself, back to God.