Strange Fact #67

Wanna know a secret?

I want all the food in my cupboards to be the same brand.  It kind of stresses me out knowing that right now all the food in my cupboards are packaged using hundreds of different fonts, colors, styles, logos, etc., each from a different brand.  Sometimes I like to shop at Target because then I can just buy Target brand everything and all my food labels will have the same font.  It would really make me happy if I knew that all the food in my cupboards had a unified appearance.
That’s pretty much my favorite part about LOST.  All of their food is Dharma brand.  That means all the labels are identical – same colors, fonts, logos, and design on every box, can, or bag.  My cupboard is driving me nuts.

5 comments to Strange Fact #67

  • LOL at Lost. Their beer looks tasty especially the cans they found in the VW Bus 😉

    I'm like that with books. My bookshelves have to be ordered by author, alphabetically, series, width, and height. Obviously it's impossible for those requirements to be met and thus I can't look at our bookshelves or I'd go nuts. Just thinking about it now makes me want to go home and spend hours in front of them hoping it'll be fixable. Ugh.

  • It makes sense to me. People like consistent looks and why do our cupboards have to be chaos? Many of use have matching dishes, why should canned goods be any different?

  • Jo

    Ha ha, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with obsessive compulsive tendencies.

  • Tara

    You are too funny! I just buy whatever is cheap and hope that it tastes good.

  • Haha… I am particular about certain things too- closet hanger being the same color and type, my markers at school in color order, my underwear arranged according to color (including polka dots, stripes, etc.). It's ridiculous, but I think it's my way of feeling in control.