No Underwear

I rode my bike to work this morning. After I showered at work, I realized that I had forgotten to bring underwear, an undershirt, and a tie to work! EEK.

“Not a problem,” I thought. “This is exactly why I have a full set of clothing stashed in my cube. Just for days like today!”

So I ride the elevator back upstairs, and come to find out…. my “full set” of clothing includes slacks, suit jacket, and two dress shirts – no tie, underwear, socks, or undershirt.

Why do I have two shirts? I guess I’m covered if the once a year I forget to bring a shirt with me from home I’m also incredibly picky about coordinating my outfit.

So now I’m sitting in my cube without any underwear, trying to decide if I’m better off buttoning my top button without a tie, or leaving it open without an undershirt.

My sweater looks nice, though.

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