Mel and I just returned from the restaurant Muffuletta. It was a wonderful experience & it’s neat that most (all?) of the food comes from local sources.  I’m not much for restaurant reviews, so I’ll keep it short.  The Beer Cheese Soup was ok.  The Pork Tenderloins were amazing.  The Mac & Cheese was phenomenal, and the Sweet Potato Chips were totally rad.  Thanks to b+k for the restaurant suggestion.

4 comments to Muffuletta

  • Katie says, fist shaking in the air, "That's our place!".

    Really, we're glad you liked it. As you know, we love that place. My mouth is watering just thinking of the good food. We've never been disappointed with what we've eaten there. Did you get any dessert? Or Evening in Missoula tea? If you didn't get the tea, we have some you can sample.

  • I'm a big fan of keeping it short food reviews. Well said. And muffuletta does rock.

  • I take it this was your anniversary dinner?! HAPPY ONE YEAR GUYS!!!!

    We're going to the Chef's Table tomorrow for our 3 year… waaaaaaaaaaay excited!

  • Looks like a great restaurant… I wish we had one like it over my way!