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If you know me well, you’ll know that I like to peruse the LDS-themed blogging world quite a bit. Here’s something I find funny…and interesting. The most comments I’ve ever seen on an LDS-themed blog is this one: Married Mormon Graduate Students on Welfare – Is it Right? at Mormon Mentality. Originally posted by Devyn S. on 05 June 2007, it now has 705 comments, the latest one posted this morning. I do NOT recommend you read more than a dozen comments or so… Also, note that by linking to this post, I’m neither agreeing or disagreeing with the author…

It’s just interesting to me that of all the issues out there to discuss, this is the one that really gets the lds-blogging community fired up – especially because it’s only tangentially related to the LDS community.

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  • Jo

    I think this one on FMH may have gotten even more comments had the post not been closed; it got 425 comments in FOUR DAYS. Whoa. So apparently the way to stir up the 'nacle (thanks Alex) is with either money or sex. But isn't that the way to stir up anything?

  • Jo

    Although I just saw that the welfare one got 442 comments in the first four days, so it may have been a close contest.

  • Jo… yea.. that one is pretty epic, too. It's funny how there are some really well written posts that don't get any attention at all, but them someone hits just the right topic & people barf on the internet.

  • I loved this post… thanks for sharing! I'm wondering what your thoughts on said post are. I have a future in-law who is in the situation. They live off WIC and get free health insurance to go to any doctor they choose. Yet, they drive a new car and are planning on getting an SUV this year when their 3rd child (in 3 years) is due. I just have a hard time seeing them get new stuff (phones, clothes, etc.) when they are supposedly poor enough to receive WIC. They also are in debt quite a bit from school, yet aren't working towards paying any of it back. How does our country CHOOSE who gets WIC and who doesn't? It seems there needs to be a stronger filter.

  • Sarah, I'm def not taking a stance on this in a public forum…