Horses & Goats

Yesterday While I was sitting in Elders Quorum, I got a text message from my wife that said “4 horses and goats on Jan 20.”

This is Collins Family Code for “We are feeding 4 missionaries on Jan 20.”

I can’t remember exactly why we started referring to missionaries as “horses and goats,” but it cracks me up. It reveals how we really feel about having the missionaries over for dinner. It’s more of a farm chore than something we enjoy. We do it more out of obligation than because we want to.

I also like to think of our missionary dinners as a chance encounter with a pack of persistent raccoons in the wild. I just toss scraps of food at them and hope they leave me alone.

4 comments to Horses & Goats

  • Ha! Our ward doesn't even have missionaries that come 😉
    Therefore, no feeding necessary.

    Back in Fargo, every Thursday (and an occasional Sunday) I went with the missionaries to dinner at Sis. Farren's house … I'm grateful that she fed them because that meant I got a free meal too 😉

    I'm not sure what Jonathan and I will do when we get to an area in which missionaries need to be fed … we'll probably feed them because I would want people to feed my child.

  • Haha… that is a funny nom de pleur for the missionaries. Last time my family was supposed to have the missionaries over, they forgot until the missionaries called and said they would be late. At which point, my family ordered a few pizzas to be sent to their house. They figured it'd be easier that way.

  • also, by "feed the missionaries" we pick up some little caesars pizza on the way home. No actual cooking involved.

  • Tara

    You are funny! Love the codes.